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Experts in all areas of tax planning and accountancy needs, IBISS & CO can help you ensure to find new and inventive ways to legally reduce the amount of tax you pay!

IBISS & CO Limited provide solution for all your Tax and Accountancy needs in Chelsea

One of the most challenging tasks that businesses nowadays face is the management of resources. This includes managing the cash flow of the company, handling taxes and ensuring that the company is making enough profit to justify its existence. All this requires expertise that only highly trained accountants and tax managers have. Unfortunately, hiring full time accountants can be very expensive and reduce your net savings at the end of the year. In such cases, it is always better to outsource experts. IBISS & CO Limited is a certified financial firm in Chelsea that has the best combination of experts under one roof.
Here at IBISS & CO Limited we know that every company needs to be handled on a case to case basis. Therefore, we analyze the financials of your company closely, along with the line of business you are in, before deciding on the appropriate cost effective strategies for you. Before we start work, we believe in clear communication with our clients. We present them a number of service packages along with the prices so that they can choose from it according to their requirement and budget. Once we have made a quotation, there are no additional charges or hidden costs.

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Our Services

Capital Gains Tax

We ensure efficient utilization of allowances to reduce capital gains tax on disposal of your capital assets.

Inheritence Tax

We believe your assets, created through immense hard work, can be protected by timely tax planning.

Tax Investigation

We have many years’ experience of dealing with complex tax queries and investigations.

Statutory Accounts

A UK company is under legal obligation to file financial statements and we help you comply with.

VAT & MTD Services

We help your business to comply with VAT responsibilities - From registrations to MTD submissions.

RTI & Payroll Services

We provide a bespoke solution to meet your business payroll needs.

Contact us now if you feel that you are not making enough profit or your business is suffering from cash flow problems and require constant cash injections.
The services we offer include:

  • Detailed survey of the business and its financial problems.
  • Comprehensive report on areas that need to be worked upon.
  • Comprehensive profit and loss statement.
  • Finding the net worth of the business.
  • Developing cash flow policies
  • Costing and pricing of products.
  • Devising strategies to minimize tax.

To get immediate access to all or some of the above services, click on the link or call us on the mentioned numbers!


Accountancy Advice

Free /One hour

Do you wish you could spend less time worrying about liabilities and more time growing your business? Our free consultation offer:

Tax Advice

£150 /Hour

Whatever your taxation needs we offer advice, guidance and support in meeting your legal obligations while reducing your resultant tax bill.

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