Consultation With Chartered Tax Adviser & Accountants in Clapham

Experts in all areas of tax planning and accountancy needs, IBISS & CO can help you ensure to find new and inventive ways to legally reduce the amount of tax you pay!

IBISS & CO Limited provide solution for all your Tax and Accountancy needs in Clapham

A business, whether it is small or big, comes with its own set of financial problems. It’s always a good idea to outsource external help to assist you in managing your resources rather than hiring expensive accountants, in house.
IBISS & CO Limited is the permanent solution to your accounting and taxation problems. We excel in developing business plans for small businesses, self-employed individuals, contractors, and high net worth individuals. With several years of experience in the field and a team of highly quantified accountants and tax experts, we understand the unique requirements of each and every business. We manage your limited resources so that they can give you less trouble and more profit. Our main expertise is managing your cash flows and taxation, which, we do in very reasonable rates.

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Our Services

Capital Gains Tax

We ensure efficient utilization of allowances to reduce capital gains tax on disposal of your capital assets.

Inheritence Tax

We believe your assets, created through immense hard work, can be protected by timely tax planning.

Tax Investigation

We have many years’ experience of dealing with complex tax queries and investigations.

Statutory Accounts

A UK company is under legal obligation to file financial statements and we help you comply with.

VAT & MTD Services

We help your business to comply with VAT responsibilities - From registrations to MTD submissions.

RTI & Payroll Services

We provide a bespoke solution to meet your business payroll needs.

Contact us if you have the following problems:

• Incorrect price plans.
• Increased cost of goods and services.
• Failure in complying with tax authorities.
• High tax expense and failure to control it.

How we help

• Investigating the problems that the businesses are facing.
• Prediction of problems that the business might face in the future.
• Monitor profit and losses of the business.
• Device cash flow strategies.
• Develop programs to minimize expense and maximize profits.
• Create tax efficient plans.
• Find ways to pay minimum legal taxes.

We believe in clear communication with our clients. Thus, we ensure that we study the business properly before quoting a price. Once the price has been quoted, it will be the final amount you will have to pay and there will be no hidden charges.


Accountancy Advice

Free /One hour

Do you wish you could spend less time worrying about liabilities and more time growing your business? Our free consultation offer:

Tax Advice

£150 /Hour

Whatever your taxation needs we offer advice, guidance and support in meeting your legal obligations while reducing your resultant tax bill.

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A forward-thinking firm that comprises both expert accountants and specialist chartered tax advisers. We are able support all businesses in their quest for success.

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