Whether you’ve been running payrolls for years or are new to them, sometimes errors are inevitable, irrespective of your experience. However, avoiding these missteps is simple if you know what to do.

This blog will list common payroll blunders to avoid, at all costs, preventing costly consequences.

1. Misclassification of Employees 

Are they part-time employees or contractors?  Are they exempted or not? These employee classification rules safeguard employees from being exploited by their employers.

However, most personnel classification mistakes are due to a lack of understanding of how to derive labels and draw lines. Inaccuracies might result in underpaid payroll taxes.

Therefore the IRS is actively reviewing these classifications to ensure no one is taken advantage of by their employers. As a result, you must brush up on the rules or get advice from an expert.

2. Not Keeping Up With the Changing Tax Rates

There are tax rates that fluctuate yearly. Not knowing about the changes could cause you to make a payroll error. Paying the wrong tax rate necessitates you to make up for the remaining amount along with higher interest on the taxes, penalties, or late fines.

3. Mishandled Payroll Taxes

The federal tax laws are a 75-page long list that doesn’t even cover all the state and local tax rules. It’s too much for an individual and is enough to make anyone’s mind spin.

As a result, mistakes always come back to bite you. It’s best to hire an expert to prevent this error as the laws are overly complicated.

4. Errors in Calculating Employees Pay

an illustration of payroll documents and pens on a table

Miscalculating your employee’s pay can be a disaster that many businesses, unfortunately, have to face. You can avoid this critical error by double-checking tax rates, overtime pay, and deductions you need to make.

Managing payroll manually can give rise to errors. Instead, you can partner with a payroll provider or use software to minimize fallacies. It’ll also help free time up that you can use in other significant business processes and decision-making.

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