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IBISS & CO is a renowned tax and accountancy firm offering services in London and Walsall. We are proud to announce that our company has won the Best Chartered Tax Advisors and Accounting Firm Award in SME News Finance Awards.

SME News is a leading digital publishing platform for small to medium-sized business offering valuable insights into industry trends, changes, and more. Besides offering news and insight, the company also identifies market leaders and innovators in the finance industry and recognises their efforts via the yearly UK Finance Awards.

With so many nominations in the category, we’re delighted to be named the best chartered accounting firm. Here’s what we have to offer.

How We Help Businesses in London and Walsall

Whether you run a business in the UK or are employed in a company, you’re surrounded by various tax liabilities. You not only need to file and pay taxes promptly but also have to ensure all numbers add up. Keeping up with taxes while fulfilling other responsibilities can be a lot. This is where we come in!

IBISS & CO offers a wide range of tax and accounting services for small businesses, sole traders, and employed individuals in London and Walsall. Our team looks after every accounting and finance-related task and ensures everything goes smoothly. This helps you avoid costly penalties and HMRC investigations or disputes.

Inventive Ways of Reducing Taxes

What differentiates us from typical accounting firms in London and Walsall is our ability to find legal ways to reduce the tax you pay. From identifying allowable expenses to helping you claim them, our team uses its legal expertise and financial experience to help reduce your annual tax bills.

Here is a list of taxes that we help reduce, delay or even avoid completely using legal and effective ways:

  • Income tax
  • Capital gains tax
  • Corporate tax
  • Inheritance and trust tax
  • Property tax
A tax advisor

Accountancy Services

We also offer general accountancy and bookkeeping services such as:

  • Statutory Accounts handling
  • Setting up VAT and ensuring compliance
  • Managing different accounts and business plan
  • RTI and payroll handling
  • And much more.

We serve businesses of all sizes and sectors and create customised plans for every client. If you want more details on your tax and accounting services or have more questions, our tax advisors are happy to help. Contact us now to book a free tax consultation in London and Walsall.  

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