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Individuals or businesses in the UK that make money from rented properties have to pay a property tax to the government. The profit you get from properties is considered an income. The government offers a tax-free property allowance of £1000, but you’re liable for income tax if you make more than this amount in a year.

Besides general income tax, landlords are also responsible for other tax liabilities. Navigating these laws and policies can be challenging as a sole trader. Therefore, IBISS & CO takes care of some of these burdens by offering tax and accounting services for small businesses, sole traders, and other individuals. Our exceptional service and high customer satisfaction rate have also helped us earn the award for Best Accounting and Tax Services for Landlords.

Award-Winning Property Tax Services for Landlords

IBISS & CO Ltd. is a leading tax consulting firm in London and Walsall, offering a wide range of tax services for the property and real estate sector. We help people navigate the challenging and ever-changing property tax landscape in the UK and ensure that they make the most of available tax reliefs. Our ability to minimise tax liabilities and maximise profits has helped us become the region’s most sought-after property tax advisors.

Our hard work and dedication didn’t go unnoticed. The National Landlord Investment Show Awards celebrate the innovation and efforts of different market players in the residential market, including service providers. This year, our company won the award for Best Accounting and Tax Services for Landlords.

How We Help Landlords

Our property tax advisors in London and Walsall ensure that you are up to date with recent and upcoming changes in legislation. We also handle all your tax liabilities and assist during self-assessment tax returns.

Our goal is to reduce the amount of property tax you pay annually by claiming every allowable expense. This helps you grow your overall profit.

Other Services and Sectors

Our services aren’t limited to property taxes but also help reduce taxes like capital gains, inheritance, income, etc. Besides real estate, we serve other sectors, including lawyers and solicitors, family businesses, the medical industry, IT professionals, the wholesale industry, construction businesses, and more.

Property tax advisors in London and Walsall

Learn more about our property tax services or contact our tax advisors for any kind of help with legal and financial matters. We can also set up a free initial tax accountant consultation in London or Walsall for you.  

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