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A woman hailing from the United Kingdom who currently lives in France was stunned by a mammoth shipping fee of £2,012 on a food order that used to cost just £12 in the pre-Brexit era. 

The woman named Franglaise took to Twitter to share her side of the story. 

Franglaise stated that she was waiting for food worth £32.46 to be delivered at her address in France, but was stunned to see the invoice quoting 160 times more than her normal delivery fee.

Consumers are witnessing a great number of changes to their shopping post-Brexit owing to heightened taxes such as customs charges, relatively higher delivery fees, and surprise tax additions. 

Also, deliveries — to and from the UK –have been delaying due to the implementation of several additional checks. 

Talking to the private media outlet, Approved Foods — the company whose food was ordered by Frangalise — stated that they have halted deliveries to overseas destinations. They further added that a relatively higher cost of delivery is aimed at discouraging consumers from ordering outside of the United Kingdom.

Approved Foods is a UK-based wholesale company selling drinks and food items, pet supplies, and toiletries. 

Approved Foods is not the only company that is mulling over abandoning deliveries from outside the UK due to additional costs and delays due to blockage, several other companies are doing the same whereas some are even burning their products at the borders. 

Talking to Independent, Fashion industry boss Adam Mansell said it was “cheaper for retailers to write off the cost of the goods than dealing with it all”, adding the process includes at least four new charges and documents.

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