Are you the Owner of an Amazon FBA Business that is has launched products that performed badly due to a lack of financial forecasting information i.e. future cash-flow potential/financial viability to help
guide your launch decisions?
Are you having difficulty accessing funding or providing the right financials/reporting required by lenders for approval so you can scale your Amazon Business?
Or are you focusing on top level revenue instead of getting an SKU level understanding of your true, bottom line profitability?

I’m Muhammad Sufyan Moavia, Director of IBISS & Co Ltd and we specialise in helping Amazon FBA Sellers avoid launching unprofitable products, access funding to scale their businesses, and get an SKU level understanding of their bottom line, true profitability.

How we can help
We can provide advice, planning and a full range of specialist services to Amazon FBA Sellers
In particular, we can provide help and advice in areas such as:

  • Product Pre-launch Cashflow Forecasting
  • Access to Funding for Scale
  • Profitability Analysis at SKU/Product level
  • Advising on structure (Limited Company, LLP or Sole Trader Business
  • Compliance Services: Annual Accounts, Corporation Tax filings, Payroll, Bookkeeping services, Director tax returns and company secretarial services
  • MTD VAT Compliance: Advising on the best VAT scheme for your business (Flat Rate VAT Accounting Scheme, Annual Accounting Scheme, VAT Cash accounting Scheme, Retail and VAT Margin Scheme, Reverse Charge VAT Scheme)
  • Tax Planning: Profit extraction strategies, Capital Allowances, Planning on the acquisition of new business and Business Disposal Tax strategy

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