When it comes to appealing a planning decision by the Planning Inspectorate, there are certain time limits you need to keep in mind. These time limits will differ depending on your appeal type and its related circumstances.

In this guide, we’ll take a look at the time limits for different appeals. To plan your taxes efficiently and minimise your tax liabilities, visit us at IBISS & CO. for a tax accountant consultation in London.

Who Can Appeal

If you’ve made an application for yourself, you can appeal for the decision within a given time limit. In case you’re appealing for someone else, you would have to provide their application number along with the decision date. In case you missed your deadline because of your local planning authority (LPA), you can also appeal for the cost you had to incur.

Refusal of Householder Planning

In the case of a householder planning application, the time limit for this appeal is within six months of your LPA’s decision letter.

Advertisement Consent

If you’re filing an application for your advertisement consent, the appeal needs to be within 8 weeks (2 months) of the date of the decision letter or receipt or an 8-week period after the deadline date when your LPA had to review and accept/decline the application.

Minor Commercial Development

If your minor commercial development planning application was refused, the time limit for this appeal is within 12 weeks from the decision notice’s date.

Other Applications

For other applications related to planning, you need to appeal within six months of the decision notice date or within six months after the deadline date when the LPA had to review and accept/decline your application.

Listed Building Consent

For this application, you need to file for an appeal within the time limit of 6 months after the decision notice date or six months after the deadline when your LPA had to review and accept/decline your application.

Once you’ve filed for an appeal, you can also complain to the Planning Inspectorate about how your appeal was handled. There is no time limit for filing a complaint. If you need further information regarding this, visit the UK government’s website.

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