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Entertaining Staff and Clients: What Can You Claim?

If you thought the saying ‘there’s no such thing as a free lunch’ didn’t apply to the business world, think again – because, although entertaining staff and client on the company dime is common practice in some industries, these activities are not always tax deductible. It’s not that corporate entertaining is frowned upon; indeed, it’s…Read More

Non-Residents Holding Commercial Property: CGT Extension

From April 2019, significant changes will be made to the taxation of UK real estate – meaning that if you are a non-resident holding commercial property within the UK, you will be subject to tax on any gains. Tax for Non-Residents Holding Commercial Property: The ‘Old’ Rules Until recently, capital gains tax was only ever…Read More

Tax Advice on TV: IBISS & Co Hit the Small Screen!

Most of us are used to seeing tax experts on television around the time of the annual Budget announcements; but have you ever wished you could find a programme offering tax advice that is relevant to day-to-day life as well as business issues? If so, look no further: chartered tax advisor Muhammad Sufyan and Asim…Read More

Requirement to Correct: Are Your Affairs in Order?

If you are a UK resident with offshore interests, and you’re concerned that you may not have paid the right amount of tax historically, now is the time to take action. Under the Requirement to Correct legislation (RTC), you have until 30th September 2018 to make full disclosure to HMRC, after which time substantial penalties…Read More

Spring Statement 2018: What’s Next for Investors? (Part Two)

This blog is part of a series. Have you read ‘Spring Statement 2018: What’s Next for Entrepreneurs? (Part One)?’ Building on his earlier pledge to unlock £20 billion of investment (an announcement made in the 2017 Autumn Budget), in the Spring Statement the Chancellor unveiled plans to consult on the Enterprise Investment Scheme, with a…Read More

Spring Statement 2018: What’s Next for Entrepreneurs? (Part One)

Since the decision was taken to push the Budget back to autumn, we’ve come to expect the Spring Statement to contain little news regarding taxes. In 2018, this was largely the case – though there was an important announcement regarding Entrepreneurs’ Relief. The government revealed plans to consult on proposals first mentioned in the 2017…Read More

The New Tax Year: Five Key Changes

For most UK taxpayers – whether you’re at the helm of a business or if you’re a PAYE employee – every penny counts. The arrival of a new tax year, which brings into effect rule changes announced previously, can therefore have a big impact on your finances. In this blog, we’ll explore five key alterations…Read More

Making Pension Contributions from a Limited Company

If you’re the owner of a limited company, you may be wondering how best to take advantage of potential tax reliefs. Contributing to a pension would be a great place to start. But should you make personal pension contributions or contribute via your limited company? There’s no clear-cut answer to this question. In all instances, we’d…Read More

Preparing for the Tax Year End: Ways to Save (Part Two)

The end of the tax year fast approaches – which means you have a short window to take advantage of any unused allowances. Fortunately, IBISS & Co are here to help you save with a handy blog series on end-of-the-year ‘must-dos’ (be sure to check out the first blog in the sequence if you haven’t…Read More

Salary Sacrifice and Optional Remuneration Arrangements: A Guide

In April 2017, limitations to salary sacrifice agreements and a new arrangement known as ‘optional remuneration’ were introduced. It is vital that employers are fully apprised of the various alterations and dates in play, as these may impact on internal processes and employee reward schemes. In this blog, we’ll discuss the introduction of optional remuneration…Read More

MTD: Pros and Cons

When reviewing recent updates connected to MTD, the proposition of the new system may seem like a problematic one. In July 2017, the government announced that it would need to delay implementation by a year. In addition, the initial rollout would be confined to VAT updates only – meaning that businesses would not be required…Read More

Making Tax Digital: An Introduction

MTD – or Making Tax Digital – is a government initiative to improve efficiency for businesses and increase transparency around accounting. As part of this plan, HMRC are moving away from the current process of filing accounts annually. From April 2019, businesses above the VAT threshold (i.e. with taxable turnover of £85,000+ per annum) will…Read More

Expat Tax: How to Claim Overseas Workday Relief

If you have arrived in the UK as a non-dom and are currently working for a UK employer but with duties overseas, you could save money by claiming Overseas Workday Relief. This relief treats a portion of the earnings from a UK employment (which has been partially or entirely conducted abroad) as if it were…Read More

Different Forms of Employment – and How They’re Taxed

February is here – which, for many, means breathing a big sigh of relief. The self-assessment tax return deadline of January 31st has now passed! However, some of us may be wondering if we’ve really been as efficient with our tax planning as we could have been – and whether next year’s return will be…Read More

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