Tax Investigations

Business life comes with the inevitability of tax investigations and disputes. HMRC have the right to demand an investigation into a company’s tax and accounting procedures, plus there can be any number of employment disputes or payroll concerns to address.

We are a specialist tax advisory firm, offering national coverage from our offices located just outside London. We focus on HMRC tax investigations and can help you avoid costly litigation or legal penalties. Our many years’ experience in supporting clients during HMRC and other tax investigations has allowed us to build up in-depth knowledge of such matters as:

  • avoiding late payment or oversight penalties
  • supporting self-assessment
  • managing PAYE systems
  • VAT , Income Tax and Corporation Tax investigations and compliance checks
  • Capital Gains and Inheritance Tax investigations
  • Tax tribunals
  • Rental and undeclared income disclosures
  • Corporation tax compliance visits
  • COP9 (tax fraud) investigations

We also work with law firms and accountancy businesses to provide expert representation for tax investigations in relation to their clients where there is a requirement to do so. Our team comprises highly experienced and qualified professionals, who have extensive experience in handling tax investigations. We can identify the strengths weaknesses in the positions of both our clients and HMRC.

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    Undergoing a HMRC tax investigation can be daunting. The investigation must be dealt with by experienced professionals from the outset. Failure to appoint a competent professional can make matters worse, increase the tax bill and cause unnecessary stress and delay. Investigations can vary from random compliance checks against your business to full investigations into an individual’s tax affairs. New legislation has given HMRC greater powers to investigate both individuals and businesses.

    If you or one of your clients are undergoing a HMRC tax or VAT investigation, our experts can work with you to achieve the following:

    • Case review to identify strengths and weaknesses and advise on next actions
    • Draft correspondence to HMRC
    • Represent clients when meeting with HMRC inspectors and at First Tier Tribunals
    • Negotiate penalties and tax payable to HMRC
    • Arrange and prepare tax efficient disclosure of undeclared income / liabilities using HMRC’s disclosure facilities

    Are you concerned about an impending tax investigation or unexpected contact with HMRC? Don’t worry; just fill in the enquiry form on this page and find out how we can help you find your way through with as little stress as possible. We can arrange a free, no obligation initial consultation. during which we will discuss your circumstances and work out the best way forward.

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