People throughout Europe and elsewhere now seek individualism and spontaneity. They’ve become more optimistic about the future and don’t hesitate to diverge into challenging new avenues. The same atmosphere can be felt in the commercial arena. Many feel they don’t want to sign up for a lifelong drudgery under an employer. Others feel it’s not about being employed, but self-employment has its perks and charm. It offers the employed a personalised platform to gauge their business acumen better.

Other reasons why self-employment is a popular choice in the UK are monetary gains, a sense of responsibility, and the right to decision-making that comes with self-employment.

A prominent disadvantage of self-employment is personal capital investment for labour, resources, and manufacturing. Experts feel self-employment can be a risky venture, especially for seasonal businesses. Legislators in the UK have introduced a policy that taxes can be reduced on all the costs incurred under “allowable expenses“. As a self-employed individual, you can deduct taxes on allowable expenses and pay the tax for the rest of the profit, also called “taxable profit”.

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Here are a few allowable, tax-exempted allowances for self-employed persons.

Commute Expenses

If your profit is £100 and you state £20 in allowable expenses, you will have to pay the tax on the rest of the taxable profit. Likewise, the expenses for employee transport, bus fares, and parking charges are covered under the allowable self-employed expenses.

Staff Salaries

Subcontractor and staff salaries come under allowable self-employed expenses in the UK. Labour cost comes under the same domain. Claim both when you file your tax returns for a self-employed business.

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Premises Costs

The heating and insulation of the building are covered in allowable expenses as well. Any percentage of the profit that goes into maintaining the work premises for the employees and the self-employed should be deducted from the taxable profit total. The provision is to facilitate self-employed persons cut their losses.

Business Promotion Expenses

Your self-owned business will need a marketing budget. As one of the most important parts of a B2C business, you should be able to conduct a strong social and print media campaign.

One way or the other, tax deductibles assist with business growth and expansion. You should be able to calculate and deduct your allowable expenses from your tax filing.

social media campaigns

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